Aluminium Sales Tables

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For optimum presentation

With our high-quality aluminium sales tables, we offer custom fitting presentation options for your products in different sizes, heights and designs.

Our tables support your sales – durable, corrosion-resistant, stationary, portable, foldable, stackable, combinable or as a special construction!

Stationary-Portable-Foldable, Stackable (on request)

  • Aluminium frame on all sides
  • Welded design
  • Aluminium base
  • Height-adjustable aluminium base
  • Standard height: 75cm; or according to client specification
  • Portable sales tables with each 2x steering wheels and 2x lockable steering wheels


  • Aluminum with drain, plug and chain (waterproof glued and riveted)
  • Plastic tub covering (new material) with 1x sump and strainer
  • 2-directional watering valve; optional

Plant Presentation

Personalised solutions for presenting your plants using the numerous possibilities of combining our sales tables in different sizes and designs.

  • Various heights
  • Even watering coverage
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution

Special Constructions on Request

The Poppen sales table systems are rounded out with multi-storey and pyramid tables

  • Table wide tub with handle
  • Work table
  • Pyramid table: stationary/portable with 5 tubs
  • Multi-storey table: stationary/portable with 3 tubs
  • Frame for hanging plants