Tunnel Farm Type 1100 GO
A proven system – variable and stable.

The construction is simple and strong

Poppen tunnel farms do not need foundations. The farms can be easily erected and relocated. The galvanised tubing system permits expansions at any time.
Custom arch dimensions can be produced on request.

The shape facilitates light distribution

The Gothic shape facilitates light distribution within the tunnel. Together with the  200 mµ thick UV stabilised film, this improves plant growth to the highest extent.

Sliding Door or Roll Screen

  • Large dimension sliding doors combined with hollow chamber elements in the gable area are a proven combination in greenhouse construction,
  • Or the roll screen –  a version that opens or closes the tunnel in its entire width. The roll screen can be integrated in the greenhouse film or truck tarpaulin (transparent as mesh).

Optimal ventilation through openable ventilation segments / side ventilation / roof ventilation

  • Ventilation segments can be installed in the desired quantity corresponding to the tunnel length.
  • Side ventilation – technically advanced and installable on both sides or one side. The system can be controlled by hand using a crank or electrically with an electric motor.
  • Roof ventilation along the entire length guarantees a homogeneous climate.
  • All systems can be controlled through a weather station (temperature, wind, rain).