About our Company

In the year 1965, the family-run company Poppen Gewächshausbau Gmbh & Co. KG was founded and is being run by the third generation today.

Our company philosophy is “simple & goal oriented!” – simple in handling the product and goal-oriented in considering client wishes under the premise that high quality must be respected in the product and ourselves throughout.  We are an innovative company that regularly enriches greenhouse construction with new and further developed products. Our products are cherished in the professional and hobby field due to the high standard materials, their professional workmanship and their durability. The company assets are not only the expertise developed over many years in construction and mechanical engineering, but also our employees who, day in and day out, give a demanding performance to assist the healthy growth of the company.


Development & Construction

We are a flexible, capable and trustworthy partner thanks to our long years of experience, activity across Europe, field competence and creativity in solving the duties we take on.

Poppen Gewächshausbau relies on an established team of specialists in construction and production who cooperate efficiently over many years. The established team is the guarantee for the high quality of our products.

The most modern 3D software programmes support our development and construction departments by realising and archiving new solution concepts. New product developments are tested and taken over in serial production with many constructions being patent protected.


We are a modern, future-oriented company through continued growth and the corresponding know-how. We measure ourselves against the high demands of our clients to ensure the quality of our products and services.

Production is carried out and monitored by trained and certified personnel, from planning to completing the end product. All work processes are documented and the product’s conformity to required specifications is monitored through quality checks. We are always in a position to provide our clients with the highest possible quality standard.


Assembly & Maintenance

Your greenhouse facilities are assembled and maintained by competent, strong, national and international teams. Our assemblers are trained, flexible and highly motivated. Every team has a fully equipped service vehicle.

We will gladly support client’s own contributions by providing a service engineer to ensure the problem free professional assembly. Signing a maintenance contract gives you the unlimited availability, durability and functionality of your greenhouse. Regular checks and observations allow problems to be detected early on so they can be remedied before cost-intensive repairs are required.



Certificate confirming conformity of the own factory’s production control with EN 1090-1.

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This welding certificate is an appendix to the certificate confirming the own factory’s production control.

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