Delivery & Assembly

We take care of it for you!

We not only take over the trustworthy and secure delivery of your greenhouse, we will also assemble it in the desired location. We are glad to be of assistance if repairs are needed and make sure that damaged houses can be used again.  Reconstructing or expanding existing greenhouses does not present any problems for us either. We will find an economical and energy efficient solution, and take care of converting it into reality quickly.


We have our own extensive personnel and well-equipped assembly vehicles that allow us to assemble your film tunnel constructions at your desired location. We are glad to take on the responsibility of renewing films on your behalf in the case of already existing greenhouses.


Have problems with your film greenhouse? No problem, we will be glad to repair your damaged film greenhouse.



Our houses have strikingly optimised stability and are therefore prepared in large interrelated pieces. The delivery of large pieces requires great caution. We usually therefore take care of transportation ourselves. We have prepared our vehicles to ensure that your greenhouse reaches you undamaged. The transportation costs due to vehicle preparation are dependent upon the distance from our company location.


Reconstruction / Expansion

We will reconstruct existing film greenhouses if desired or expand them, especially in length. Our own production permits us to bend all arches ourselves so existing houses can be preserved.