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Hobby Greenhouse Type 250 “Tanja”

The “Tanja” greenhouse is 2.50m wide and 2.20m high. The height makes planting fun without hitting your head!
The length is up to you and can even be extended later (in increments of 1.50m). “Tanja” is designed as a simple and strong snap-on construction.

No foundation is required. The greenhouse is erected and fixed using ground anchors.

Why use film as roofing? The technical properties of greenhouse films promote and encourage plant growth. The main characteristics are diffusion (light scattering) and that the UV rays are not reflected but reach the plants (UV open).


Durable, stable, galvanised steel construction.

The door frames are galvanised and can be filled with sheet metal or hollow chamber profiles. The doors are equipped with a lock as standard which permits fixing the doors in an open position.

Split doors – the upper part can be used as a window independently from the lower door part. The plants are protected from some exterior influences through the closed lower half while the open upper part ensures optimal ventilation.


The film is easily mounted by entrenching on the side and fixing using tubular film track on the gable ends.

  • Professional quality greenhouse film
  • Thickness: 200mµ
  • Colour: transparent
  • UV-open
  • 4 year warranty for the UV stability