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Tunnel Farm Type 380

A proven system – variable and stable

Width:                        3.80m

Height:                         1.98m

Length:                        as desired


Poppen tunnel farms do not need foundations. The farms can be easily erected and relocated. The galvanised tubing system permits expansion at any time.
Custom arch dimensions can be produced on request.


The semi-circle facilitates light entry and heat development

No other shape is better suited to absorbing light and heat than the semi-circular arch that directly corresponds to the sun’s location. Together with the  200 mµ thick UV stabilised  film, this improves plant growth to the highest extent.

A wide entrance makes work easier

The Poppen film tunnel farms can be delivered with a wide entrance door. The dimensions are such that it is convenient to drive in and out with a wheelbarrow. It is recommended to use a 2 leaf door in the case of larger tunnels. The doors require no maintenance at all and also serve to provide fresh air.

An optimal  price-quality relationship will facilitate the decision-making process

Contact our sales department – we will gladly inform you about the different possibilities. Special versions available on request.