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Poppen “Type ST 860”
Strong high quality construction

The Poppen “ST-Category”

The steep wall construction characteristics permit an optimisation of the cost-benefit effect. Durable, economical, flexible and strong.

The stable proven construction shows its strengths in the harsh weather conditions of Central Europe!


The most significant advantages of Typ ST860:

  • Standing height 1.80m (max. 2.80m) in edge areas
  • Ideal climate using two inflatable films above each other (thermal effect)
  • Single film as an economical alternative
  • Side ventilation along the entire length (standard)
  • Roof ventilation along the entire length (optional)
  • Ventilation systems controlled manually or with motors and sensors
  • Easy assembly through extra-large sliding double doors (max. 4.00m clearance)
  • High standard quality construction using durable materials, such as galvanised steel tubing, hollow chamber profiles for doors and gables with a 10 year warranty (UV stabilised on both sides) and greenhouse films produced by leading European companies

Optimal Ventilation

All Poppen ST-Models are equipped with technically complete roll-up ventilation installable on both sides or single sided (with manual or motorised operation). Roof ventilation in the entire length guarantees a homogeneous climate and optimal energy efficiencies. Both systems can be controlled using a weather station (temperature, wind, rain).


Side ventilation – technically advanced and installable on both sides or one side. The system can be controlled by hand using a crank or electrically with an electric motor.