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Poppen Greenhouse “Type 1200”:
Simple, strong and high standard construction



The Poppen Gewächshausbau offers a stable, strong, large capacity premium quality tunnel with the “Maxitunnel”.


Decisive advantgages of the Type 1200

  • Perfect economic use through a wide, ellipse-like shape
  • Energy saving through the tubular film “UV 4”, co-extruded (three-layered), transparent, UV stabilised for four years (alternatively also with single film)
  • Optimum ventilation through extra-large double sliding doors, adjustable ventilation flaps in the gable and openable ventilation segments
  • Tubular film track fastened from girder to girder using 2 tensioning cables with individually interchangeable tracks
  • Side ventilation along the entire length when using single film
  • Close to unlimited lifespan for the construction through galvanised piping
  • Plastic hollow chamber profile “longlife” for sturdy cladding of the gable ends, UV stabilised on both sides
  • Easy assembly as without foundation, secured through ground anchors
  • The complete construction corresponds to the tested statics of DIN V 11535-1, DIN 1055 and DIN 18800



Ventilation segments can be added as desired, corresponding to the tunnel length. We recommend at least one segment per every 15m.



Side ventilation – technically advanced and installable on both sides or one side. The system can be controlled by hand using a crank or electrically with an electric motor.

The Optimal Price/Quality Relationship

The Type1200 is delivered in the desired length. Immediately after you inform us of the length we will send you an offer for your new Maxitunnel.